Does this sound familiar?

You're a coach, consultant, freelancer or expert feeling discouraged by the lack of results you're seeing in your online business.

You know that if you don't unearth the secret to $8k-$10k/months online right now, your dreams may never come to fruition

• You don't have nearly the authority or influence you deserve - your content falls flat instead of attracting clients

• You need the exact steps to use social media to generate and convert leads on autopilot... and you need a proven sales system to go along with it. 
 You're knowledgable, but need clarity on how to package that into a digital offer that earns top-dollar and provides incredible results

 You're frustrated with "bad" investments that haven't helped you achieve the results you need (like building a profitable audience on social & closing sales confidently)  

 You hate taking clients out of desperation and "need"... you want to "cherry-pick" clients and only work with the right people
 You are READY to trade "trial and error" for a clear roadmap to get on track for six-figures this year


Imagine if you...

🚀 Had a crystal clear roadmap to build a profitable business in 90 days, that's scalable to six-figures.

📈 Had the secrets to creating viral content that grows your social organically full of ideal clients.

💸 Easily convert followers into buyers by showing up and sharing about what you love.

🔥 Master proven strategies to launch any offer, at any price point, anytime with complete clarity.

💰 Easily close high-ticket clients in the DM's and always have a fully booked ideal client roster.

🙌 Perfectly positioned as the go-to expert in your niche and serve only the people you choose.


and want to give it to you.

You Can't Fake Results Like This...


Made 10k on her FIRST launch


Scaled to consistent $10k months 


Biz went from "hobby" to full time career


The BOSS Mastermind 

The #1 live business accelerator giving you the proven strategy, systems, and support required to grow your online business. In just 90 days, you will have everything in your toolkit to leverage social media to build a profitable business with six-figure profit potential.


    No matter your experience, follower count, or business knowledge - you'll use an exact formula to make social media a bulletproof lead-generator and client-acquisition system for your online coaching business. Never worry about finding clients again! Instead focus on changing lives with your work.


    Because one call a week is never enough, you'll have 4X *LIVE* WEEKLY CALL opportunities to get on a live session with one of our experts. Each call is dedicated, so you know where to turn at every step. Our expert will answer your specific question with custom feedback on everything from Instagram to Sales Objections.  And in case 4x weekly calls wasn't enough, there's daily access to our team inside a private community group.

    These tactics will stick with you forever in your business - they are not just limited to Instagram - because your business is so much more than one platform. Think: niche, product suite development, proof of concept, viral content, direct-response copywriting, organic social media, community management, sales (DM's and Sales Calls), objection handling, productivity, tech and operations, systems, and more through our comprehensive curriculum. Plus lifetime access to all updates, forever.

    Proximity is one of the secret keys to success. When you're surrounded by other ambitious coaches, you achieve more because you see that more is possible. Once you're apart of the BOSS family, you're always apart of it. Our alumni and active students all benefit from being included in our community where we host live bonus trainings and receive lifetime support from our team.


The BOSS Method™

Our exclusive, PROVEN four-step method takes online coaches to $10k revenue months using social media
(no paid ads, no fancy website, only organic strategy)


Here's how it works:



The BUILD stage is like laying the foundation of your home - nothing else can be built without this. This stage includes niching, ideal client proof of concept, and social media mastery.


Our team will audit your social media and create a custom plan of action for you to quickly build an organic audience online. This includes positioning you as the go-to authority and expert in your niche to build a community of real potential clients who know you, like you, and trust you - and want to work with you! 


During the niche development, you will identify your hypothesis and prove your concept through industry research and data. You will then take this information and create targeted, viral, niche-specific content that attracts quality leads to your social media - turning strangers into followers, and followers into buyers. Master viral content, content planning, batching, conversion copywriting, community-connection, Instagram™ tools and organic growth strategy (from hashtags to reels), and ideal client  messaging to create a rock-solid business foundation.



Part art, part science you will learn how to take a minimally viable product from the starting line to the checkout page, and the know-how to scale this into your signature offering. This stage includes offer testing and development, methodology creation, packaging and pricing your offer and generating buzz from your audience to sell out quickly.

With both free and pre-sale, rinse-and-repeat launch strategies, you will understand how to create a full product suite and sell at any price point. From live coaching program to course, the deliverables, features, benefits, and everything in between will factor into how to sell your offer.


No matter if you're brand new unsure exactly what product to create, or you have your heart set on high-ticket, you will quickly learn the ins and outs to develop an offer that your ideal client wants and needs and how to position it and utilize it to feed into your next offering. No one size fits all business advice here. Everything is customized to your goals, at your pace for your success.



Does selling make you feel icky? Not anymore.You will integrate (not just learn) our Feel-Good Sales System™️ that allows you to quickly become confident and credible in every step of the social media sales process - from "DM's to Dollar Signs". This stage includes the sequence of organic launching, master qualifying and sales in Direct Message conversations, closing on sales calls, and handling ANY objection with a proven sales system. 

With the BOSS Method™️ Sales Framework Templates, you will be in control every step of the sales process. This is one of the most transformative components of the program because if you have attention and a great offer, but no sales acumen - you have nothing. The viability of your business and your income potential rests on your sales ability. Our core competencies is teaching you to become a strong closer and sales person - so you can sell any offer, at any price point and easily hit the six-figure mark. This is way many of our students are generating $250k-$500k/year using these same frameworks form DM's and Sales Calls. 


Selling online has its own unique opportunities, which you will learn how to leverage using special social media tools. From selling on IG stories, during livestreams, reels, DM conversations, FB Groups, and in captions - you will have the capacity to close high-ticket sales immediately. Objections are no sweat when you know how to navigate sales conversations. Learn how to talk about your products in a way that has your potential clients asking "how soon can I start?"



So you've got a community, an offer, and sales confidence... now what? This stage includes financial tracking, budgeting, revenue-projections, systems, tech and everything you need to focus on to create scalable success that lasts.

Your ability to understand all facets of your business and your numbers is a key factor to long-term success. We aren't just teaching you how to be an online coach or consultant... we are teaching you CEO skills. From how to build sales pages, create checkouts, course hosting platforms, handling customer service issues, and how to generate amazing testimonials from your clients, everything you need to run your business to six-figures is here. 


You’ll learn the best systems, tools, and business practices (from how to setup recurring payments, application forms, track your KPI's and sales call metrics, and much more) to implement the *right* systems now, so you can scale your business day after day with ease. 

Real student success stories 
with the BOSS Method™️ 


You will have... 

🙌 Total clarity on exactly how to grow and increase profitability your online coaching business...


🎉A growing community full of ideal clients and viral content that continues to attract new eyes and buyers everyday on your Instagram™ or Facebook™  


💸 Bulletproof authority and a proven offer that gets your clients unparalleled results and is constantly positioned to book out. 


📈 System that generates quality leads online consistently and repeatably... AND converts them into paying clients without ever spending a dime on ads..


🚀 Total confidence, clarity, and control of your business with a proven roadmap to hit six-figures in your online coaching business. You know how to pivot, launch new offers, grow your audience, and increase profitability as you see fit.. 

Our students results are
undeniable and yours could be too...

Take a sneak peek of what happens inside of BOSS...


Custom Feedback

Our team of expert coaches provide one-to-one custom feedback on everything you do. From Social Media Audits to Offer Breakdown Documents, you submit your work and will receive actionable reviews to fix and progress every step of the way. We will tell you what needs to be fixed and how to do it, so you don't waste any time and grow faster. 


Done-For-You Templates

Utilize proven templates so that you can "drag and drop" your ideas to implement, improve, perfect, and launch as quickly as possible. This includes templates for social media graphics, monthly content calendar, offer worksheets, sales scripts and so much more. Every piece of this program (from the curriculum to the live calls) is built specifically to get you growing as fast as possible.


Daily Live Support

When a question pops up or an obstacle arises, you need support and fast. You always have a direct line of access via chat in our private group which is monitored daily by our team of coaches and client success managers. There's also unparalleled access from the entire BOSS community! 


4x Weekly LIVE Coaching Calls 

Because one call a week is simply not enough to get you the results you want and need in your business. Our Expert Coaches host at least 4 LIVE calls every single week. These calls are run as clinics or labs, each focused on a specific part of business, which facilitates maximum impact without ever wasting time. Every student has an opportunity to get answers 1:1 on these sessions.


Access To Our Expert Team & Curriculum

We do not use the term expert lightly. Our coaches have individually scaled multiple six-figure businesses and are now dedicated to supporting our students. Leveraging real-world experience, our coaches give invaluable answers in the form of tactical, implementable feedback. The expertise of this team and the comprehensive curriculum is invaluable. You get lifetime access to curriculum.

We've helped tons of online coaches (just like you)...


Deidre - Weightloss Coach



"Since joining BOSS I have grown by business from random referrals to $15k in 30 days! The team is absolutely incredible and I felt very focused and supported from the start. Now I am dialing in my viral content and I still have 6 more weeks in the program!"


Leanne - Mobility Specialist 



"When I started BOSS, I was working full-time in a gym. Now 100% of my clients find me online. During the program, I hit two back-to-back $10k months and ever since generate $15k/month. It's the best thing I've ever done."


Kasey - Hormone Practitioner 



"As someone with a lot of health experience, I still didn't know how to be confident as a coach. After BOSS, I am so confident and get to help so many women. I'm quitting my full-time health care job this month to run my business. With $8k/month I can help my family and live my passion!"




Leeor - Online Health Coach



"After every BOSS call I left with more confidence enthusiasm, and excitement. I had a clear strategy on how to improve my business. In my first month, I hit $7k and almost $10k in my second launch.  Now I have clear direction and confidence!"

Here's What To Do Next:


Submit an application for a Free Strategy Session with our team!


Schedule your live one-on-one session


Show up ready to take notes. That's it!

What You'll Learn In This Business

Growth Audit With Our Experts:

How to Utilize the "Social Media Funnel"... 

We'll audit your social media strategy, advising how to cultivate an ideal audience on auto-pilot through 100% organic tactics... without wasting money on paid ads and fancy websites so you can turn strangers into followers, and into buyers easily.

The “Client Automation Component”…

We’ll drill down into your business to dissect the hidden blocks you can remove to begin quickly and easily attracting dream, ready to buy clients… and develop a fail-proof strategy to pre-qualify and funnel those clients straight onto your calendar.

How to Charge More
For Your Services...

We'll disclose how to actualize authority positioning for yourself AND your offer (even if you haven't sold any yet..) that warrants your market to approach YOU ready to pay $2K-$8k or more to work with you, so you can reach $10k in the next 90 days.

Secret of "The Perfect Offer"

We’ll evaluate your offer using our exclusive "Six Figure Profit Potential" framework to exposure how you can create an offer that is wanted, needed, and has prospects lining up to pay for it - and get paid to co-create it.

Leverage Feel-Good Sales™️

Uncover exactly how you can eliminate the use of outdated tactics  like "cold outreach" and end the fear of being "salesy" - while assessing your sales acumen to decipher what's stopping you from landing high-paying dream clients.

More BOSS success stories... (yes, there's more!)


Jenay Rose

Hey Coach! I'm Jenay, a leading business mentor to online coaches like you.

After quitting my suffocating corporate job 4 years ago, I am what you'd call an "OG" in the online coaching industry, surpassing 7-figures back in 2020 in under 2 years. After helping thousands of online coaches, consultants, course creators and experts scale profitable online businesses on social media... I know exactly what it *really* takes to succeed here.

Just between you and me, there's never been a better time to be an online entrepreneur... but that's quickly evolving as the space grows. Right now is not time to wait, it's not time to "figure it out"... it's time to JUMP IN full force and learn exactly how to take your share of the space. And I want to give you the EXACT MAP to do just that, so you can get to where you want to go... change lives... and create massive financial freedom for yourself. 


How does The BOSS Mastermind work?

How do I know if the BOSS Method will work for me? 

When does it start? What if I have a busy schedule? 

I want to make sure this is right for me, who do I ask?

I'm interested - What do I do now? 

Are you ready? 

You can either:

Continue trying to figure it out, doing the same things that have not worked so far... and hope you don't crash and burn...




Kick your business into HIGH GEAR with the systems, support and PROVEN STRATEGY required to scale a six-figure business.

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